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About the site:-

“iLofo (latest offers)” is a website specialized in offers and discounts, displaying them from their official sources and reformatting and arranging them for quick access by the user.

The “iLofo (latest offers)” website is interested in displaying the latest magazines in the markets and monitoring any new offers or discounts in the stores that we follow for a quick shopping experience and we work on periodic updates to achieve the best visitor experience.

Website goal:-

The site aims to help shoppers reach nearby stores and find out their latest offers easily and quickly.

Publishing policy on iLofo (latest offers) website:-

1- The “iLofo (latest offers)” website respects the copyright and intellectual property rights of others and its content. Therefore, the editors write the content for the site through a group of editors who care about the official source of the offers and stores.

2- The management of the “iLofo (latest offers)” website apologizes for publishing any written or photographic news that violates the law and works to resolve it and delete it immediately from the website.

3- The site administration is not obligated to publish everything it receives, and the site administration is committed to its own technical considerations.

4- The “iLofo (latest offers)” administration considers that the person or company requesting to publish material on the site has read these conditions carefully.

5- The site administration refrains from publishing materials that express bias towards a group, religion, or sect or that offend them, or materials that lead to sectarian strife, or materials that insult religions and divine books, or include words, images, and expressions that are contrary to morals and public morals, or include any of the following: Forms of insult and threat.